Coke Babies

The first image in the Baby Pop, Inc. series, is Coke Babies inspired by one of my childhood memories.  Growing up, I lived with my grandparents on the South Side of Chicago. I looked forward to when my grandpa would cut the lawn because that meant we would open the garage, take shelter from the humid summer sun, and share a Coke.  One day, my dad came in to join us, and he told my grandfather that a friend of his had just found out that the baby they had adopted was a coke baby and how sorry he felt for them.  I remember being puzzled and said to my dad, “What’s wrong with being a Coke baby?  I’m a Coke baby!” My dad and my grandpa had a little chuckle that I clearly did not understand at the time, and my dad told me that this was another kind of coke baby. I remember being perplexed at how something I perceived as so happy could be anything other than that what I understood it to be.  That twist in contextual meaning paired with my memory of it inspired the beginning of this series. In other images from the series, I explore environmental issues, pop culture, corporate responsibility and other topics all of which endanger the lives and well-being of the most valuable resource we have for the future, our children.  


The art from Baby Pop, Inc. is featured in the debut collection by ärtskül.