Add edgy flair to your style with our Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf.  Artskul first collection is a a contemporary reinterpretation of the distinctive houndstooth black and white motif and adds a nice touch of attitude to any outfit
Belt out your boyfriends shirt with a loud statement. Artskul's Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf can transform basic into something artful. The black and white ribbon scarf captivates the eye and adds character and personality to any style. Switch it up and use it as a sexy tie with your boyfriend shirt.
Rock your locks with ärtskül's chic black and white Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf. Make a statement with this scarf as a headband or creatively incorporate the scarf into your other hairstyles.
Style ärtskül's edgy Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf as a neck tie with your favorite boss babe suit.  ärtskül scarves are statement pieces, adding edgy sophistication to any style that it’s paired with - from streetwear to the office and into the evening. Live Artfully.
Belting your ärtskül Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf is another way you can add versatility to your style. Trade up for silk over leather and wrap your waist in our chic re-imagining of the houndstooth pattern, the centuries old Scottish mosaic.  ärtskül’s remixed pattern captivates the eye while paying homage to the classic print that is admired the world over.
The basic neck tie with Artskul's black and white Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf adds an effortless touch of edgy chic to any style. The Perfect accessory to use as a neck scarf, belt or hair tie for music festival  season. Look your best baby!
Stand out and make your slip dress the topic of conversation with ärtskül's Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf as a sash around your waist or as a sexy accessory around your neck. The black and white Ribbon Scarf complements any look, is smooth to the touch and is a great conversation starter.
ärtskül's Baby Pop Ribbon Scarf is featured as wall decor. The Ribbon scarf creates an interesting design on your wall and when you are ready to visually reinvent your space, gift your favorite friends a scarf with love. The energy of your living space with something meaningful in your home is a great gift to share with the people you love in your circle of friends. Also featured in the image is a torso resin sculpture and custom occasional table by the artist Brian Biedul.

Baby Pop, Ribbon Scarf in Silk Twill

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The ribbon scarf format features our tightest pattern from the Baby Pop, Inc. series with the reverse side printed in solid black. Produced by master Italian craftsman and made from fine quality silk twill, the ribbon scarf is smooth to the touch and bias cut.

The Baby Pop ribbon scarf adds personality to any handbag, looks chic around the neck and sexy around the waist.

Designed in Los Angeles. Produced in Italy.

Dimensions & Material

- 2.5 x 53 inches or 7 x 135 centimeters

- 100% Silk Twill

- Flat Machine Hemmed bias cut


- Produced and finished by Italian master craftsman with generations of expertise in creating silk scarves for the world's best luxury brands.

- Contemporary American design from Los Angeles with authentic, centuries-old silk-making heritage from Como, Italy.

The Collection

ärtskül’s Baby Pop, Inc. collection is a contemporary reinterpretation of the distinctive houndstooth black and white motif, based on the fine art series by Dawn Rosenquist. The striking geometric repetition of the baby icon produces a chic reimagining of the centuries-old Scottish mosaic.

ärtskül’s remixed pattern captivates the eye while paying homage to the classic print that is admired the world over. 

ärtskül scarves are statement pieces, adding a unique and expressive look to any style that it’s paired with - from streetwear to the office and into the evening. Live Artfully.