Style inspired by Grace Kelly, wrap ärtskül's Baby Pop Medium Square Scarf around your head and channel your inner film star. Our remixed houndstooth pattern features the baby icon. Create a little edge and surprise to this modern take on fifties sophistication.  Pair this unique scarf with a jumper for this chic look fit for a princess and creative it girl.
Hey Pretty baby. There are many possibilities to style a square scarf and Artskul's Baby Pop Medium Square Scarf  in black and white can elevate any look. With a simple fold and roll, this scarf can be tied in a number of ways to create an artistic statement that adds character and personality to your style.
Don't think in a box when it comes to a square scarf.  Transform  artskul's Baby Pop Square Scarf into a vest to summon your boss babe self at the office.  ärtskül scarves are statement pieces, adding a bit of attitude to any style that it’s paired with - from streetwear to the office and into the evening. Live Artfully.
Shift your image from frivolous fashionista to polished professional with a creative edge. ärtskül's Baby Pop Medium Scarf is a statement piece and adds a signature look to a crisp white fitted shirt. When you're off the clock, easily create a new draping effect for the evening.
Transform the Baby Pop square scarf into a vest with a simple fold. You'll be anything but basic with this black and white scarf that features the reimagined houndstooth pattern with the baby icon framed by a border that creates interesting styling options when folded.
Make a statement and transform our chic black and white Baby Pop Medium Square Scarf into an all-new bespoke top. Express your personality and style with a few creative and clever ties. ärtskül's first collection is a contemporary reinterpretation of the distinctive houndstooth motif and adds a nice touch of attitude to any outfit.
Rock both sexy and classic looks at work with ärtskül's Baby Pop Square Scarf. The black and white scarf adds a touch of edgy sophistication to a crisp white shirt. ärtskül’s remixed houndstooth pattern captivates the eye while paying homage to the classic print with a twist of the unexpected. Channel your inner boss baby!
ärtskül's baby pop inc silk twill 36" square scarf is featured as wall decor. The scarf is featured with a blue chair and art books by Magritte, Vogue, Moroni and Michelangelo with a torso sculpture in resin and a custom coffee table made by artist Brian Biedul.

Baby Pop, Medium Square Silk Twill Scarf

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Silky smooth to the touch, the Baby Pop silk twill scarf features the reimagined houndstooth pattern with the baby icon framed by a border.

This unique scarf is designed for the medium square format and printed by Italian master craftsman. From morning to evening, this scarf is versatile in its' styling options. Looks great as a vest, headscarf or a top.

Designed in Los Angeles. Produced in Italy.

Dimensions & Material

- 35 x 35 inches or 90 x 90 centimeters

- 100% Silk Twill

- Hand Rolled hem


- Produced and finished by Italian master craftsman with generations of expertise in creating silk scarves for the world's best luxury brands.

- Contemporary American design from Los Angeles with authentic, centuries-old silk-making heritage from Como, Italy.

The Collection

ärtskül’s Baby Pop, Inc. collection is a contemporary reinterpretation of the distinctive houndstooth black and white motif, based on the fine art series by Dawn Rosenquist. The striking geometric repetition of the baby icon produces a chic reimagining of the centuries-old Scottish mosaic.

ärtskül’s remixed pattern captivates the eye while paying homage to the classic print that is admired the world over. 

ärtskül scarves are statement pieces, adding a unique and expressive look to any style that it’s paired with - from streetwear to the office and into the evening. Live Artfully.