Bandana Hairstyles are the effortless way to stay on trend and look great.  Artskul's black, white and red Baby Pop Bandana  is made from the softest Italian cotton. The bandana elevates your look and adds a bit of the unexpected for a chic yet edgy statement.
Savvy stylists and fashionistas love Artskul's Baby Pop Bandana. This red, black and white bandana is made of the softest Italian cotton and features our signature baby icon from the fine art series Baby Pop, Inc. Wear the bandana as a traditional scarf or creatively style your outfit with this must have accessory as a belt, top and more.
Artskul's Baby Pop Bandana made from the softest Italian cotton will feel great against your skin. Pictured as a crop top, this bandana is versatile in its styling options.  This perfect accessory works great as a scarf, necktie, belt and for any hairstyle. It's an effortless street style look.
 Remix street style edge with a cowboy tie. Artskul's Baby Pop Bandana makes a stylish statement walking the Old Town Road.
Street style rock look with this Baby Pop bandana from Artskul. Made from the softest Italian cotton, our bandana in black, white and red is the perfect hair accessory to make a statement.
Be like The Boss and rock Artskul's Baby Pop Bandana in your pocket. The must have bandana for your music festival look.  Made from the finest Italian cotton.
ärtskül's Baby Pop, Inc. bandana is featured as wall decor. Baby Pop bandanas can create an interesting arrangement on your wall. The bandana's are the softest Italian cotton and are featured with a torso sculpture by the artist Brian Biedul along with a custom end table also created by the artist.

Baby Pop, Inc. Cotton Bandana

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This bandana, this is the only piece in ärtskül's debut Baby Pop, Inc., Collection that features another colour outside of our black & white colour palette. The bright red border around the baby icon creates an interesting glow effect around the image. This pure cotton bandana is made from the softest luxury cotton and produced by Italian master craftsman.

Style it to fit your fashion mood, whether as a hair scarf, top, necktie, belt or back pocket accessory.

Designed in Los Angeles. Produced in Italy.


Dimensions & Material

- 27 x 27 inches or 70 x 70 centimeters

- 100% Cotton

- Hand Flat Machine Hemmed


- Produced and finished by Italian master craftsman with generations of expertise in creating silk scarves for the world's best luxury brands.

- Contemporary American design from Los Angeles with authentic, centuries-old silk-making heritage from Como, Italy.

The Collection

ärtskül’s Baby Pop, Inc. collection is a contemporary reinterpretation of the distinctive houndstooth black and white motif, based on the fine art series by Dawn Rosenquist. The striking geometric repetition of the baby icon produces a chic reimagining of the centuries-old Scottish mosaic.

ärtskül’s remixed pattern captivates the eye while paying homage to the classic print that is admired the world over. 

ärtskül scarves are statement pieces, adding a unique and expressive look to any style that it’s paired with - from streetwear to the office and into the evening. Live Artfully.